A punishment inflicted by a teacher in a school in the southern Iranian city of Abadan a few days ago against one of the female students has been widely discussed on social media.

An Iranian teacher cut a student’s hair under claims that it might “provoke the instincts” of the school’s headmaster. In a rebellious act, students in a number of Iranian schools shared their pictures featuring their long hair falling free over their shoulders.

This comes as part of move to challenge and reject the injustice suffered by that student, and the women in Iran, Iranian feminist activist, Musih Ali Ahmadinejad told Al Arabiya.

One of the students, posted a video under the label #MycameraMyweapon, of her walking in a Shiraz street with her long hair loose on her back. “In response to the punishment of a schoolgirl at Baabadan school and cutting her hair off, behold, I am walking in Shiraz with my long hair as well,” she commented on the video.

Several similar videos and photographs have been published in several parts of Iran.

Masih Ali Najad lives in the United States after she left Iran and has been involved in a campaign against the compulsory hijab imposed by the authoritarian and religious regime in Iran.

She told Al Arabiya that the aim of all these campaigns, under any slogan is mainly to highlight the oppression and injustice suffered by women, and the regressive laws in Iran.

Source » alarabiya