Rouhani Always Called for Public Execution

According to state run media, on Wednesday, Mojtaba Zollnour, member of the regime’s parliament, accused Rouhani as being part and parcel of all the executions carried out in this regime, after recent revelations regarding the extent of executions carried out by the regime, and stated: “Regarding the Islamic execution verdicts carried out, which Mr. President questioned in his visit to Hamedan, he has to keep in mind that the people have not forgotten, this same Mr. Rouhani in 1980 would chant bring them and have them executed in public and in Friday prayer sermons.

He continued, “Today Mr. Rouhani! Why do you raise such issues?”

On 9 May in his trip to Hamedan Rouhani, pointing to the hardline candidates Ebrahim Raiesi and Ghalibaf stated, “We don’t want Exclusivists. We don’t want those who sit behind desks and sign verdicts”.

Source» ncr-iran

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