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Brigadier General Qassam Soleimani

Brigadier General Qassam Soleimani

Mahan Air

Mahan Air

In a meeting with Iran’s new ambassador to Belgrade, Djordjevic described Serbia and Iran as friendly countries, saying they will support each other in most of the international issues.

Wishing success for Iran’s incoming ambassador Rashid Hassanpour in his mission, Djordjevic said Serbia is grateful for Tehran’s principled policy of not recognizing the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo and respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia.

He also hailed the mutual cooperation between Iran and Serbia, saying a memorandum of understanding on labor, social affairs, insurance and social security with Tehran is in its final stages and will be signed in the near future.

Favorable environment is prepared for the expansion of cooperation on many issues of mutual interest between the two countries, IRNA quoted Djordjevic as saying.

The Iranian envoy, for his part, pointed to Serbia’s independent foreign policies and praised the efforts made by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia as a representative of the Serbian government to strengthen mutual cooperation with Iran.

The Iranian parties are interested in cooperation and exchanging experiences with Serbia in various fields such as women and family affairs, and in providing facilities for the citizens of the two countries, Hassanpour said.

The new Iranian ambassador submitted his credentials to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Tuesday.

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