$23 billion in smuggled goods enter Iran each year

Estimating the total value of smuggled goods remains a challenging calculation due to its illegal and secretive nature, according to a report wired by the semi-official Fars news agency.

Comparing the amount of exiting goods from exporting countries headed to Iran and the amount of revenue received by the customs shows that in the 9 months leading to December 2016 more than $21 billion in smuggled goods have entered the country.

“The Anti-Smuggling Department in its latest claim said to calculate the amount of smuggled goods from March 2016 to March 2017 they have used the ‘Output Data Chart.’ However, the important fact is that this document has not been updated at all since 2011; secondly, this chart must be approved by the Central Bank and the Statistics Bureau.

The most common method to calculate smuggling across the globe is to “observe the transaction of goods at the exporting and importing customs.” First the country’s official imports must be obtained through the customs agency and compare it to customs reports of exporting countries. The amount not registered in the source custom and yet registered in the destination country is considered the amount of smuggled goods.

Fars news agency used this method to reach the concluding figure of $21 billion in smuggled goods entering Iran during the 9 months prior to December 2016.


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