Iranian regime should be worried about domestic pressure

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The Iranian regime is being put under incredible pressure by the United States, with crippling economic sanctions and the foreign terrorist organisation (FTO) designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

However, the domestic pressure being applied by the people of Iran is just as damning for the Iranian regime. Over the past four decades, there have been several uprisings, but the people of Iran are showing every sign that this time is different. Society is on the verge of another uprising, most likely the final one before the regime collapses. The people want regime change and they are prepared to suffer that little bit more to achieve it.

The Iranian regime knows that the people are prepared to go to great lengths in their quest for freedom, democracy and the respect of human rights, yet it still continues to order suppressive crackdowns.

The Iranian regime has tried to silence the opposition through the most brutal of means for the past four decades. One major low point was in 1988 when the Iranian regime executed tens of thousands of political prisoners, most of whom were members of or affiliated with The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK). However, even this major crime against humanity did not dissuade the people of Iran from voicing their opposition to the mullahs. In fact, you could say that it strengthened their resolve and reinforced their reasons for opposing the regime.

At the minute, students in Iran are protesting. This news comes just days after the Iranian regime’s announcement that political dissent would be addressed and dealt with by a new police force. Hossein Ashtari, the regime’s police chief, said that the Razavion Patrol has been established to deal with the public gatherings and protests that take place. It will be an addition to the Basij forces that intervene in protests and demonstrations. They arrest protesters and spark conflicts to divert from the real reasons for the gatherings.
Students are protesting about the compulsory hijab laws and people were heard shouting out about their lack of choice and the freedom they are cruelly denied. They are taking their future into their own hands and making sure that they, and future generations, will be able to enjoy freedoms that millions across the world take for granted.

The situation has been described by many as a powder keg and this is entirely accurate. The people are being pushed to their limits because of a number of factors, including the regime’s suppression, the regime’s plundering of the nation’s wealth, the regime’s corruption and mismanagement – especially of the economy, and so on. The more the sanctions on Iran’s industries, banking system and oil exports are pressuring the regime, the more the people are suffering. And the more they want regime change.

The regime is certainly concerned about the mounting international pressure, including the Trump administration’s resolute pressure campaign, but it is the people of Iran that the regime should be most concerned about. The resistance is growing stronger and stronger and the regime’s days are numbered.

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