President Trump is correct to stand up to Iran regime

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Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro

President Trump is correct to stand up to Iran, as the Rouhani government is contributing to tensions both in the Middle East and in its support for the Maduro regime in Venezuela, according to Rick Scott.

Scott, R-Fla., made the remarks backing the president during an appearance on “Outnumbered Overtime” Thursday, before telling Tehran to “come to their senses.”

Scott, who reminded host Harris Faulkner of his Navy service, said that few want to “throw people into a conflict we don’t have to.”

“I know we’ve got the most lethal military in the world. American assets will do better than any other military in the world,” he said, warning Iran “not [to] pick a fight with Americans.”

“The Iraninans have got to come to their senses,” he said. “Be part of a civilized world.”

The USS Abraham Lincoln is now on station in the Arabian Sea to deter Iran, U.S. Defense officials told Fox News.

Scott then continued: “I’m glad the president does not want to have his first option [as] going to war, none of us do. But we have to defend Americans. We have to defend American allies and we have to take these things seriously.”

“The president is standing up to Iran. Obama and the Democrats did the reckless Iran Deal. [President Trump] did the right thing by walking away from that,” he said.

Scott added that Iran appears to be “trying to create another ‘Syria’ in South America” by supporting the regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Iran and Venezuela’s Maduro regime appear to be strengthening their bond, as Fox News reported in January.

“Training between Iran and Venezuela has increased in the past few years as part of a larger plan between the Venezuelan regime, consisting of increasing the number of Hezbollah operatives and their supporters across Latin America,” Johan Obdola, President of the Canada-based Global Organization for Intelligence (IOSI) and former counter-narcotics chief in Venezuela, told Fox News.

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