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The Vaxon oil tanker, which carries Iranian oil derivatives, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, heading towards South America, Sunday, according to the naval monitors.

According to the Fars News Agency, this tanker is the fourth after the Fortune, Petunia and Forrest, to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, and is likely heading towards Venezuela.

Western media had previously claimed that Iranian aircraft had transported tons of gold from Venezuela as a price for imported fuel, which was denied by the Iranian ambassador in Caracas, Hajjullah Sultani.

Last week, Al-Masdar reported that one Iranian tanker was spotted crossing the Suez Canal and entering the Mediterranean Sea.

This vessel is also expected to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in the coming days, as it is suspected to be the fifth Iranian tanker to head to Venezuela.

The U.S. Navy, at the same time, has sent four warships to the Caribbean Sea amid efforts to boost their security presence in these waters.

The large presence of the U.S. Navy near Venezuelan territorial waters has many observers fearing that a major showdown is approaching.

It should be noted that the special forces of the British Royal Navy detained Iran’s Grace-1 tanker on July 4th, 2019 while it was attempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

As a result of this move by the British Armed Forces, Iran seized a British vessel that was sailing near the Islamic Republic’s territorial waters.

Source » almasdarnews

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