The managing director of a major Dutch manufacturer of flexible composite pipes said it is in final talks with Iran to develop a “flowline project” in the country’s South Azadegan oil field.

“We are currently in the final negotiations for a project that should be a significant project. At this time, it is better not to disclose information about it…we will likely sign it in the next two or three weeks. It is a flowline for South Azadegan oil field,” Robert Jan Berg told the Tasnim news agency.

“We have been active in Iran for more than ten years. Iran’s market is certainly very attractive for us,” he further said.

“One thing to say is that it is very attractive, but it is not the fastest market that we see here. You really have to establish yourself here and have to be patient in order to be able to work on good projects. However, we see Iran as a very important country for our products. Therefore, we take the patience and we take the time to do that,” Berg said of the challenges in Iran’s market.

“A lot has to do with the internal financing of the projects. There are many good projects but it normally takes quite long time to negotiate and to establish. These are challenges that we are here to address them.”

SoluForce manufactures FCP, Flexible Composite Pipe. The completely non-metallic system can be used for various oil- and gas field applications both onshore and offshore. It is an application used when corrosion or scaling is the problem.

The SoluForce system has a solid track record in the oil and gas industry and has been in use since the year 2000 for a variety of applications. Over 3,000km of maintenance-free, high performance, non-corroding, flexible composite pipeline solutions have been installed around the globe. Applications include oil and gas utility pipelines, water distribution/ injection lines, oil and gas transportation flow lines, and gas and oil gathering lines.

The first flow lines were installed in the Middle East in 2000. These pipes have remained in service since then, without interruption. Meanwhile, SoluForce has been installed worldwide, both onshore and offshore, at major oil and gas companies. There has never been a report of failure in service. Every SoluForce product is developed with a strong focus on reliability, simplicity of installation and use – but above all safety. SoluForce maintains the highest levels of quality in the design, manufacturing and testing of all its products. As a result, they meet or exceed the various recognized international standards.

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