Iran’s Labor Ministry Under Pressure to Deny Workers’ Problems

We only enjoy the senior officials’ approval if we refuse to express the labor community’s problems, said the head of the so-called High Council of Iran Laborers.

“Senior officials refuse to hear the problems of the workers community,” said Mohammad Yarahmadi in a press conference on Wednesday, May 17, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency.

He further added: the High Council of Iran Laborers, as the main representative of the worker, has been stripped of its authority,” as recently, the Ministry of Trade, Labor and Social Welfare announced.

This regime official said the 106th International Labor Conference will be held from June 4th to the 17th. This session is held each year in Geneva with the government representatives, employers and employees taking part.

In this regard Iran’s labor unions have said time and again while they take part in these sessions they do not represent the true voice of Iran’s workers.

“If we express the demands and problems of the workers community, we will be accused of being politically motivated,” Yarahmadi added. “We are even asked to deny their demands and problems.”

The Iranian regime resorts to security and judicial measures to respond to the workers’ demands during the past 38 years. This includes being summoned, threats, expelled from work, and court rulings for lashing and even prison terms. One such case was the lashing ruling of 17 workers expelled from a gold mine in West Azerbaijan Province (northwest Iran).

Prior to this year’s Labor Day, Amnesty International called on Iranian regime officials to immediately release those arrested for peaceful labor activities.

Source» ncr-iran

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