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Yemen’s Houthi group allied with Iran said targeting Saudi Aramco’s installations last week was the beginning of military operations against 300 vital military targets, Houthi-controlled SABA news agency said on Sunday May 19, citing a source in the movement’s military.

Targets included vital military headquarters and facilities in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, as well as their bases in Yemen, SABA quoted the source as saying.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir called on the international community to hold Iran accountable for seeking to destabilize the region, but at the same time he said his country “does not want a war in the region nor does it seek that”.

However, Jubeir also reiterated, “in the event the other side chooses war, the kingdom will respond with all force and determination, and it will defend itself and its interests.”

Saudi Arabia said armed drones struck two oil pumping stations last Tuesday, after Houthi-run Masirah TV earlier said the group had launched drone attacks on Saudi installations.

Source » radiofarda

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