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Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Palestinian Islamic Jihad



Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday called for the West Bank to be “armed” and compared the Palestinians there to Hamas in Gaza.

“The only thing that can reduce Palestinian hardships is the hand of power,” he tweeted.

Iran appears to be calling for Palestinian attacks on Israel.

The ayatollah’s tweets, which came after midnight, included claims that compromise by the Palestinians would not reduce “cruelty,” which he alleged was being caused by Israel. He called Israel “evil” and a “wolf-like entity.” He also called the US “satanic,” one of several increasingly extremist, threatening, hateful and far-right tweets that the Iranian leader posted in recent days.

Khamenei claimed that the “Zionist regime” was based on “oppression, lies, deception, bloodshed, massacre and trampling human rights.” Israel lives by suppressing others, he said, adding that the “world of Islam needs unity.” He said God’s “wrath” would now come against the US policy regarding Palestinians and slammed US President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”

Iran has sent militias and fighters to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. It has been accused of a vast array of human-rights violations, including keeping prisoners in solitary confinement, taking Western academics as hostages, murdering poor Kurdish workers, hanging innocent people, suppressing homosexuals and religious minorities and persecuting groups across the Middle East.

Iran has been pushing its latest events around “Quds Day,” which it hosts every year, hoping to distract from failures at home by claiming to support the Palestinian cause.

Iran has been funding Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and recently worked with the Palestinian PFLP to infiltrate Israel.
Iran is currently under sanctions from the US and is trying desperately to fund its economy by shipping gasoline to Venezuela while also seeking to keep a stranglehold on Iraq’s economy and support the Assad regime’s war in Syria.
An arsonist recently tried to burn the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai in Iran. Iran has claimed it is investigating the incident, while its media claims the event was part of a Saudi-led “fake news” campaign.

Recent reports from The New Yorker portray the Iranian regime as suffering unprecedented discontent at home. The regime recently buried one of its fighters who died in Syria. Iran has been hiring poverty-stricken Afghan Shi’ites to fight in Syria while not defending those same Shi’ites from brutal bombings in Afghanistan carried out by ISIS.

Iran’s regime uses Twitter and social media to incite hatred and violence and suppresses social media for its own citizens at home.

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