Iranian Army to be supplied with 1000 new UAVs

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The Iranian Army will reportedly receive 1,000 new drones. The country’s Tasnim news agency reported that the Iranian Defense Ministry and the Army signed a “strategic agreement” this week on strengthening the country’s UAV capabilities. Under phase 1 of the agreement, the Defense Ministry will equip the Army with 1,000 UAVs of various types in a short time span. Iran’s defense minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, told reporters after signing the agreement that Iran is ranked fifth or sixth in the world in terms of drone capabilities.

The news agency said that in January 2021 the Iranian Army staged a massive war game using various indigenous UAVs for different operations including aerial interceptions, launches of air-to-air missiles, destruction of ground targets with bombs and missiles with pinpoint accuracy, and suicide strikes. Military officials said Army experts have dramatically increased the flight endurance of suicide UAVs, manufacturing UAVs with an operational range of 4,000 kilometers, according to the report.

Source » israeldefense

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