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The head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail issued a warning to Israel against committing any folly at the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

On the occasion of the International Day of Jerusalem (Quds Day), which falls on the last Friday of Ramadan, Haniyeh, in a speech, thanked Iran, saying: “We thank Iran for its continuous support for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.”

“The Palestinian people and the people of Jerusalem defend their chests and their faith in the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Holy City, and we warn the Zionists against committing follies against them,” Haniyeh said, as quoted by the Sama News Agency.

Haniyeh continued: “On the International Day of Jerusalem, the Holy City lives in the most dangerous stages, and we are following the American-Zionist talk about the implementation of the deal of the century, which was based on the liquidation of the Palestinian issue, the core of which is Jerusalem, as are the refugees and the land.”

The head of the political bureau of Hamas added : “Jerusalem has lived in a siege since it was occupied in 1948 until now, and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque is at the head of the siege by obliterating its identity, incursions and denying Jerusalemites access to it.”

Haniyeh added: “We are facing a great and comprehensive danger and we need a strategy to confront the danger facing our cause and sanctify it, and in its essence the comprehensive resistance project, on top of which is the armed military resistance.”

Source » almasdarnews

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