The assessment of many experts correctly states that one of the destructive means for the economic downturn in the Mullahs’ regime is its mafia-like structure, which is literally referred to as “rent, brokerage, and mediation”.

We are talking about the emergence of a parasitic phenomenon in the devastated economy of the Iranian regime, which is involved neither in production and investment, nor in the legal structure of the regime, such as paying taxes, but consumes a huge amount of the national income.

“In economics, rent is viewed as unearned revenue. Renters, using their political and economic influence, or through acquaintances who possess this influence, illegally earn money. ” (Wikipedia encyclopedia)

This is certain, and has been only made possible under the rule of a corrupt and plunderous regime, which, in order to maintain its survival, has left the hands of its loyal agents open in plundering the Iranian people.

Along with this fact, the emergence of phenomena such as “the mafias of water, soil, mountain, plain, rice, sugar, poultry, forest and sea” are just a few other examples of the destructive process of corruption under the rule of the mullahs’ regime.

A government report acknowledging the destructive dimensions of this mafia system writes: “The lack of transparency and lack of accurate statistics and information systems is one of the main reasons for tax evasion in the Iranian economy, so that in Iran, the ratio of taxes on gross domestic product is about 8% While the figure in Turkey is 20%, it can be said that Iran is a paradise for brokers and intermediaries, and if our tax system was not corrupt, this tax evasion would have been reduced. ” the state news agency IRNA Nov 8, 2017

Another example, according to international reports, are the Scandinavian countries, in which the tax and gross domestic product ratio is 50% while the figure in the corrupt dictatorships is “at the best %8. Thus, in a country where there is widespread corruption, it is surely the most appropriate platform for the development of the rented mafia and brokers.

Earlier, the state news agency IRNA (November 17, 1396) wrote that “although rents and corruption are considered as one of the important factors in the backwardness of the Iranian economy, the punishment for non-compliance with the law in the country is so trivial that anyone feels free in taking steps to intensify rents and corruption. ”

Source » ncr-iran