The Iran that exists today is vastly different to the Iran that the history books tell us about. A country with such a colourful and spectacular history is currently being destroyed by the corrupt leadership that is torturing and executing its people for arbitrary reasons.

Amnesty International has published a report detailing some of the horrifying statistics that make Iran one of the most horrific in terms of its brutal leadership.

During the course of 2016, there were more than five hundred registered executions. The emphasis is on ‘registered” because there were without a doubt many that were not officially recorded. More than half of the executions that take place in the world are in Iran.

Amnesty international gives statistics for four prisons in Iran: Rajaie Shahr (Gohardasht Karaj) Prison; Qezel Hessar Prison; Urmia Prison; and Zahedan Prison.

In ward 10 of Gohardasht Karaj Prison there are currently more than 260 prisoners – 86 of which are on death row. Ward 3 of the prison also houses approximately 180 prisoners aged 25 or under. Half of these young people are on death row for “retribution in kind”. Many of these young people were also arrested before they turned 18.

In unit 2 of Qezel Hessar Prison there are approximately one thousand prisoners, some of whom are there on drug related offences.

In Urmia Prison there are over one hundred prisoners on death row in wards 1, 2, 3 and 4. Eight of the prisoners are on death row despite being mentally disturbed. There are another three prisoners on death row in ward 12 and six prisoners are awaiting the death penalty on ward 12. The prison also has a ward specifically for young people where there are six people on death row. Another six people are awaiting execution on ward 15 which houses the prisoners who were arrested for drugs-related charges.

In Zahedan Prison there are at least 136 prisoners on death row, many of whom have been there for many years. Some of the prisoners awaiting execution are being held on charges related to drugs and there are a number of political prisoners. Ward 4 of the prison has 4 individuals on death row for affiliation to political groups, murder and drugs charges.

Amnesty International’s report only provides details about four prisons, but the cases in many other prisons across the country are similar.

The Iranian regime is notorious for executing political prisoners and members of the opposition. There are also many Iranians being held in prison because of their participation in the recent protests that swept across the country.

In 1988, more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed in what has become known as the 1988 massacre. This is a crime against humanity that has never been forgotten by the people of Iran, yet one that the Iranian regime has never been held accountable for.

Nor has the Iranian regime been held accountable for its arbitrary executions that take place almost daily. It is time the international community stood behind the people of Iran and protected them from the murderous and torturous regime that is mismanaging the country and its resources.

Source » ncr-iran