As the coronavirus death toll continues to surge, instead of helping people, the Iranian regime’s officials are trying to shift the blame to poor people.

The Iranian regime initiated a cover-up and lying campaign about the COVID-19 crisis in Iran, which resulted in the virus spreading rapidly across Iran. For weeks, the regime refused to declare a national quarantine, and when it did, it was not accompanied by governmental aid. Therefore, fearing more citizens joining the army of starving people and as the possibility of a nationwide uprising emerged, the mullahs’ regime quickly forced people back to work amid the coronavirus outbreak. The regime’s policy has now resulted in a new and rapid rise of the COVID-19 casualties in different cities.

Yet, despite the continuous increase of casualties due to the regime’s inaction and cover-up, the mullahs are pursuing the reopening process. Yesterday, the regime reopened holy shrines across Iran and all the businesses that were considered having a high-risk area to be opened today. Holy shrines have economic and political benefits for the clerical regime, allowing them to receive money in the form of endowments, trying to manipulate people using their religious sentiments and boosting the morale of their oppressive forces and organizing them to control the restive Iranian society.

Now instead of helping people, the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, who has been leading the regime’s deception and cover-up campaign, projected blame on the public and threatened to re-impose restrictions. In a phone call with the regime’s Interior Minister, Rouhani said: “There have been reports from several provinces indicating the virus spread has increased due to the people’s disregard for health protocols. If the people of these provinces and cities do not observe the health protocols, we will have to reinstate some of the limitations.”

In another conversation with the governor of Khuzestan province, one of the epicenters of the virus in Iran, he said: “I have received a full report of the growing trend of the number of patients in this province due to the people’s lack of full compliance with health protocols. The increasing number of patients may lead to the return of some restrictions to the province.”

Along with Rouhani, Saeid Keshmiri, the secretary of the National Coronavirus task force in Bushehr province, in an interview with the state-run Javan website on Sunday said: “Negligence towards the Coronavirus will lead to difficult days.”

Rouhani is the same person who had said: “It is better to have 2 to 3 million people die of COVID-19 than to have 30 million starve to death.”
Corona Virus
Meanwhile, the official news agency, IRNA, wrote on Monday: “The difficult economic conditions caused us to relax social distancing and under the rubric of smart social distancing, which created a new environment for the spread of the pandemic. We do not have a specific treatment and standard to deal with those infected. The medical personnel are exhausted and extremely fatigued because of the heavy pressure of their work in recent months.”

In this regard, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said: “Insolence and projecting blame on others will go on ceaselessly until the regime is overthrown and is a well-known pattern of the anti-human mullahs who are the main culprits for death and destruction in occupied Iran.”

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