The Iranian regime’s Judiciary in Golestan Province, northern Iran, announced on Friday, May 24, that 30 men and women have been detained for attending a mixed-gender yoga class.

The assistant prosecutor of Golestan Province said that 30 unidentified men and women in “inappropriate clothing” were arrested at the home of a person who will face prosecution for allowing unlicensed yoga to occur there.

In comments carried by the state-run Tasnim news agency, Masoud Soleimani said: “A person posted an ad on social media about teaching yoga to women and men at his home and managed to communicate with a number of people.”

“This person did not have a license for a sports club and held his yoga classes in a private residence where women and men wore inappropriate clothing and engaged in indecent activities,” Soleimani added.

The judicial official did not elaborate on the nature of the “abnormal behaviors,” but he stated that a lawsuit was filed for the offender and submitted to the judicial authorities.

“After monitoring their movements, agents today arrested about 30 women and women in very inappropriate clothing at a home whose owner has been delivered to judicial authorities to be prosecuted for breaking the law,” Soleimani said.

Soleimani stated that the cyberspace needs more powerful monitoring and control, saying that some “lawbreakers” misuse the lack of monitoring in cyberspace and do criminal acts.

Earlier that month, Iran’s regime announced the arrest of an unknown number of people for working in ‘un-Islamic’ online modelling networks.

Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force, reported on May 1, that the arrests took place in Iran’s central Markazi province. It did not elaborate on the number of detainees, other than to say they had been handed over to the regime’s judiciary.

General Mohsen Karimi, an IRGC commander in the central city of Arak, said staff at the agencies had been arrested for “promoting vulgarity”, partly through sharing portfolio pictures of models on social media.

Source » ncr-iran