Iranians hold at least 6 protests over the weekend in various cities including Tehran, Ahvaz, and Karaj, protesting to delayed wages and regime’s failure in responding to their demands.

On Sunday, a group of workers on the first line of city train in Tehran gathered to protest to their unpaid wages.

Also, the personnel of the Khomeini Hospital in Karaj gathered outside the Karaj Governorate’s office on Sunday protesting the nine months of their unpaid wages.

According to a protester, around 500 of the employees had not received 8 to 11 months of their wages and had only been paid around 4 months of their delayed paychecks.

This is while soaring inflation and prices has left 80% of Iranians in a very difficult financial state with many saying that they cannot afford their most basic needs.

Municipal workers of Abadan County, Khuzestan Province which is located in the southwest of Iran went on strike protesting to 3 months of their unpaid wages.

The authorities refuse to address their demands and according to workers, only make empty promises, according to protested workers.

The Iranian regime believes that the US’s so-called “economic war” will lead to a social explosion and eventually the regime’s collapse.

Inflation and prices are increasing on an almost weekly basis in Iran with some goods increasing on a daily basis.

The price of basic goods and services such as meat, water and electricity, the subway and gas and many other goods have soared.

Source » irannewswire