The Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced his intentions for a “Hezbollah” government during a meeting with regime supporters.

During the May 22 gathering, Ali Khamenei put forward various issues that seemed to hint at his future strategies to maintain his hold on power in Iran.

“Provide the grounds for the coming of a young Hezbollah government,” he told his young followers adding that their “miseries” would end with the coming of this hard-line government.

Not to be confused with the regime backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, the regime refers to its hard-line supporters as “Hezbollahi” which actually means party of God in Arabic.

Khamenei also supported the 444 day 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in his speech.

“Sometimes a gathering outside of an embassy is a good thing; of course, with respect, accuracy, and rationality and by showing spiritual authority. It’s not good to always climb up the walls of embassies. Of course sometimes it’s good. Like in the example of taking over the Nest of Spies (US Embassy), it was good,” he told the Basij students.

Khamenei called on his supporters to create “groups” to interfere in the affairs of regional countries and even Europe.

“The issue of European Muslims is an issue that is discussed in our student environments. The issue of incidents that have taken place in some countries, for example in Paris can be studied and can become activated,” he said, calling the creation of these groups “solutions”.

By putting forth the idea of a young Hezbollah government, Khamenei is once again banking on the failed experience of an Ahmadinejad scenario for Iran.

This is while you cannot find one person in Khamenei’s camp who supports and defends Ahmadinejad’s eight-year presidency.

Reviving defeated strategies shows how desperate the regime’s leader is and that after 40 years, he is at a loss for solutions to maintain the regime.

Khamenei’s new Hezbollah strategy also deepens the already deep schisms in the regime. Iran’s news media are already reeling from the duplicity in remarks made by decision makers.

On the other hand, some so-called “reformists” are whispering about the formulation of a coup against Rouhani’s government. They say that Khamenei wants to get rid of Rouhani’s incompetent government to install hard-line Revolutionary Guard elements.

The fact that Iran is turning to a hard-line government means that it will also clamp down on Iranians. Of course, increasing repression is like playing with fire. It seems that the regime has lost all remnants of rationality if it ever had any. Why else would it start a repression campaign when according to the regime’s Vice President, the society is like a room full of gas which will explode with a spark? Or at a time when Iranians are frustrated and angry due to the dire state of the economy, when Iran’s middle class has plunged under the line of poverty?

It is a well-known fact that when dictatorships face collapse, they tend to make fatal mistakes. Such mistakes will have dire consequences for the Iranian regime.

Source » irannewswire