Iran has supplied Russia with advanced aerial bombs to be used in strikes against Ukraine for the first time.

Source: German tabloid Bild with reference to open data analysis expert Julian Röpke

Details: A heavy Iranian drone, the Qods Mohajer-6, has crashed in Russia’s Kursk Oblast.

The UAV was carrying advanced Iranian Qaem-5 guided aerial bombs. These bombs were only put into service in Iran in 2019. The drone was evidently intended to attack Sumy Oblast, but it crashed for unknown reasons.

Previously, the Russian Armed Forces had not used Qaem-5 guided aerial bombs in Ukraine. Röpke said their use indicates a “new level” of military cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.


Western intelligence previously reported having information about an agreement between Iran and Russia regarding the transfer of ballistic missiles but has not yet seen any signs that it has taken place.
In April, the G7 foreign ministers demanded that Iran refrain from sending ballistic missiles to Russia, warning of “new and significant steps” that it could entail.
The Council of the EU agreed to expand sanctions against Iran for its support of Russia in the war against Ukraine and its destabilising actions in the Middle East.

Source » pravda