Sanctions, not regime change, are the current solution to the Iran problem, former CIA director James Woolsey told Newsmax TV.

Woolsey was on Tuesday’s “Newsmax Now” and discussed dealing with Iran, which is believed to be still trying to produce a nuclear weapon. He was specifically asked if regime change is needed.

“I think it would be superb if we got it because Iran is a government of theocratic, totalitarian, genocidal imperialists,” Woolsey said. “However, setting a policy of trying to implement regime change with all the steps and all the ancillary considerations that would come out as you would try to do that seems to me to be a very troubling approach.

“I think we could sit here and watch and cheer for the side that is not Iran, but to actually get into the country and try to execute a change in regime through our own guile and actions, I don’t think we’re ready for that yet. Steps such as various economic restrictions that upset the Iranian regime a great deal seem to me to be perfectly fair game, however.”

President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from what he called the “disastrous” Iran nuclear deal a year ago. His administration argued the agreement was too soft on Iran and did not do enough to prevent the rogue nation from pursuing its goals of becoming a nuclear power.

Iran has since stepped up its rhetoric against the U.S., Israel, and others.

“I think that a far better way to move this along is to work with the Israelis on destabilizing the Iranian state and trying to help the Israelis undermine what is, as I said, a theocratic, totalitarian, genocidal empire,” Woolsey said.

Trump said this week he is hopeful a peaceful solution can be reached.

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