The Finnish company has been present in the Iranian market as of the 1970s and today, ties with Iranian companies is strengthening, Adel Hattab told the Tehran Times.

Outotec Oyj is a Finland-based company active within the mineral industry, providing process solutions, technologies, and services for the mining and metallurgical industries.

“We have been here working in Iran since 1976. We are working within the steel and copper value chain. We look forward to working the within zinc, aluminum, gold and many other commodities,” he said.

On how the company’s ties with Iranian partners have been influenced by the nuclear deal reached between Iran and world powers in July 2015, he said the ties have remained unfazed all through the sanctions era.

“Well, we have as I just said had long relationships since the 1970s, and have strengthened those relationships over the years. We see business strengthening for the both sides.”

He appeared optimistic toward the prospect of relations, expressing hope his company wins more investment opportunities in the resource-rich Iran.

“Future looks bright. In that sense, Iran is a very rich country from a resource point of view. We see Iran’s metal and mining market grow and therefore, there will be many investment opportunities and we hope of course to participate in those investments.”

While Outotec’s activities in Iran are focused on providing services and technology, it is open to discuss issues related to the transfer of technology to Iranian partners.

“Typically, we transfer no technology. But obviously we are open to discuss on a case-by-case basis.”

Hooman Khajehnasiri, the exclusive agent of the Finnish Autotec in Iran for fifteen years, said Outotec was the most active Finnish company in Iran during the sanctions times, never leaving the Iranian market.

“We didn’t leave our market and customers during the hard sanctions time and kept out contacts with our Iranian partners,” Khajehnasiri told the Tehran Times.

This unfailing commitment has brought Outotec the highest status among the Iranian firms active in the mineral sector.

“Now our position in the market is really high, and we are very welcome and accepted by different customers in this field.”

The long-standing position has given the company impetus to seek strategic ties inside the country, he added.

“We are now trying to develop our strategic relationships with our customers, being more available for technological help,” Khajehnasiri concluded.

It is worthwhile to note that with a global network of the sales and service centers, research facilities, and over 4,800 experts, Outotec generated annual sales of approximately € 1.2 billion in 2015.

Source » tehrantimes