Last week, the foreign minister of Iran Javad Zarif said that Iran has proposed to the Gulf states to set up what he describes as a “non-aggression pact”.

Tensions between the United States and Iran have been escalating over the past few month, with tensions reaching a peak at the beginning of the month when there were concerns that either country was going to plunge itself into war with the other.

Clearly feeling threatened by recent events, it seems to think the sensible next move would be to seek solace with its neighbours.

However, the Iranian regime seems to have forgotten that Iran has spent years aggressing a number of Gulf states as well as their interests in the region.

The Gulf states have never attacked Iran in the past, even when faced with Iran’s aggression. Several leaders in the Gulf states have spoken out about Iran’s aggression and belligerence in the region, but they have shown no signs of wanting to follow up with an attack.

Iran’s attempts at being the considerate neighbour are pathetic. Iran has no respect for its own people, much less its neighbours. Look at the devastation and chaos that Iran has instigated in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. And look at the humanitarian crisis in Yemen that Iran has played a large role in. Iran has completely undermined security in the entire Middle East, and much further afield too.

The Iranian regime has provided billions of dollars over the past few years to a number of proxy groups and militias – the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and Al Hashd in Iraq, to name just a few.

The Iranian regime is focused on its expansionist policies and it has never hesitated to instigate terrorist attacks in Gulf states. Not that long ago, Iran was behind the Fujairah coast oil tanker attacks and the sabotage of a Saudi oil pipeline.

Iran has previously tried to overthrow Arab governments and has sent countless agents to Gulf states to spy. Iranian agents have been involved in attacks in Kuwait and Bahrain and agents travel to the Gulf specifically to spread chaos and sabotage.

The Iranian foreign minister must be completely disillusioned to think that he can propose a ridiculous “non-aggression pact” to these nations. Although these countries want to promote peace, they will not just pretend that Iran’s hostility, aggression, warmongering and belligerence did not happen.

For anyone tempted to give the Iranian regime another chance, it suffices to just take a quick look at Iran’s track record. The Iranian regime does not respond to concessions and dialogue. During the so-called “golden years” of Obama’s administration, we were told on a number of occasions that concessions would bring moderation to the Iranian government. It didn’t – it just made Iran even more bold and aggressive because it knew it would not be held accountable.

Iran needs to be treated firmly and held accountable for its actions. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past. Hold the regime accountable for its actions, and let’s see how long it can stay standing.

Source » ncr-iran