‘This war proved that the champion Palestine should be thinking about administering the whole of Palestine’

Following the latest escalation between Israel and the Iran-backed Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip, Iran’s Quds (Jerusalem) Force commander said on Saturday that Palestinians were ready to wrest control of all Israeli territory, urging “all Zionists”, referring to Israelis, to “go back” and “rebuild lives” in Europe and the United States.

Brigadier General Esmail Qaani — who was put in charge of the foreign operations arm of the elite Revolutionary Guards, formerly led by Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in a US airstrike in Baghdad in January last year — made the comments during a ceremony in Tehran.

“We advise all Zionists, who have sold their properties in Europe and America and other places and come to this land, which will become more valuable, go back and buy your houses and rebuild your lives,” he said.

Tensions remain high in the region despite a ceasefire reached last week between Israel and Gazan terrorists that ended 11 days of fighting.

“This war proved that the champion Palestine, God willing, should be thinking about administering the whole of Palestine and the Zionist regime must be thinking about leaving the region,” Qaani added.

Iran supports Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who fired over 4,000 rockets across the border at Israel, which the Islamic Republic does not recognize.

Source » i24news