“Today, with the will of the presidents of the two countries relations have reached to a strategic level at all areas,” Mahmoud Vaezi told visiting Azeri Deputy Prime Minister Shahin Mustafayev in Tehran late on Sunday.

Vaezi described historical, cultural, ethnic affinities as the “engine of relations” between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The presidential chief of staff went on to say that “the Islamic Republic of Iran has been on the side of the government and people of Azerbaijan in different times and now there is a strong relationship between the countries and two nations in all areas.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Vaezi insisted on the implementation of the agreements signed by the presidents of the two countries, saying, “It is necessary to pursue our activities with greater speed so that in the remaining two months these agreements will bear result.”

The term of the administration of President Rouhani will come to an end about two months later. The elections to elect a new president in Iran will be held on June 18. However, the elections may go to a runoff.

The presidential chief of staff went on to say that a proper condition has been created to lay the groundwork for implementation of projects which had been halted due to the unjust U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Vaezi also suggested that areas of cooperation should be identified in relations of the two neighboring states that would have long-lasting effects.

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Shahin Mustafayev said that strengthening relations with Iran are among the priorities of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy.

“The level of relations between the two countries have reached the highest level in the recent years and the political will of the presidents of the two countries have been very effective in this endeavor,” Mustafayev stated.

Mustafayev went on to say that there is a great capacity for closer cooperation between the two countries in different sectors, including energy, transportation, technology, agriculture and tourism.

The deputy prime minister said his country is “firm to activate these capacities”.

He added despite problems created due to the Coronavirus pandemic the volume of trade ties between the two countries increased by 27 percent and “the transit of goods between us was not halted even for a single day.”

Source » tehrantimes