Following Iran’s Guardian Council’s announcement of the final candidates for the upcoming Presidential election, the seven candidates came to the public stage, chanting their election slogans and promising a better tomorrow.

Now let us review some of these ridiculous slogans which is the proof of the election’s worthlessness.

Payment of 500 million Tomans of marriage loan after the formation of the Youth Welfare Fund – solving the problem of the capital market in three days.
Paying a subsidy of 450,000 Tomans – Provision of 90 percent of the cost of buying a house by banks – Housekeeping is considered a job in our government and we pay housewives’ salaries.
Quotation of all energy carriers in the form of ‘Van’ plan – 3-day travel plan for all families and 5-day for all young couples.
If I become president, the Americans will beg and will be forced to lift the sanctions.

The above slogans are just a few examples of the candidates’ election promises. After these slogans and hollow promises, should Iranian people prepare themselves for a prosperous life?

Now after these promises and from today can the Iranian people go to the northern parts of Tehran and reserve a luxury house that after the victory of one of these candidates, they could quickly buy and start a luxury life?

Candidates of any election in developed countries, which also have a well-organized economy, do not shout such slogans that these people are promising. Iran’s economy is very similar to the days when the eight-year Iran-Iraq war ended, even worse. Now, it is not clear how these people, who each have different responsibilities in the country, say such things.

Is it really possible to solve the regime’s capital market problem in three days? If so, why has no program been offered by the regime’s parliament to date? Why did these people, some of who were previously members of the regime’s parliament, not do anything in parliament to solve this and other problems?

How will the subsidy of 450,000 Tomans be provided despite the government’s huge budget deficit and inflation? Where would the money for housewives’ salaries come from while the country’s foreign exchange reserves are completely empty? The IMF in its latest report said that Iran’s available foreign exchange reserves are just $8.8 billion.

Chanting promises is very simple, but these people should realize that with the regime’s present economic situation such slogans are impossible and just a few hollow promises. So, none of them can provide the people a house in Tehran’s luxury Zafaraniyeh region, unless they hand over their own luxury villas there.

Iran’s economy is trapped due to the regime’s wrong decisions and activities which has led to its many sanctions and embargos.

Some of the candidates are looking like architects standing on a 50-meter plot of land and promising landowners to build a 5-bedroom villa with a sauna and pool here. And some are looking like businessmen who are promising to bring the money of the oil directly to the people’s desks.

Source » irannewsupdate