Iranian Ayatollah Abdol-Hamid Masoumi-Tehrani said that the only solution for Iran is the removal of the “religious gang” from power and that Iran must be ruled by a secular regime. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) on May 21, 2021. Ayatollah Masoumi-Tehrani, who was speaking from Tehran, said that clerics must be removed from government and focus only on religious and social issues. He said that the opposition to the government lacks unity and cooperation, but it agrees that the clerics must “relinquish control.”

Ayatollah Masoumi-Tehrani continued to say that if the current regime does not “listen to the voice of reason” and leave on its own, it will be made to a face a popular movement that will take them down by force. He emphasized that the problem is not specifically with Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, but with the concept of the Rule of Jurisprudent, which he says is not an Islamic concept, rather it is a “contrived concept.”

Ayatollah Masoumi-Tehrani further said that the world is concerned about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, because the Iranian regime has acted irresponsibly, providing groups in Lebanon and Yemen with rockets. He said that the Iranian people are peace loving, and if it were not for the fear the regime would supply its proxies with an atomic bomb, the world would not mind if they obtained an atomic bomb. Ayatollah Masoumi-Tehrani said that Iran wants to blackmail the world. Earlier this year, Ayatollah Masoumi-Tehrani made headlines when he was interviewed from Tehran by an Israeli TV channel.

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