Hassan Bagherinia, a dissident and former faculty member at Iran’s Hakim Sabzevari University, has been arrested after Iranian security forces conducted a raid on his residence, confiscating all electronic devices.

His daughters were also threatened not to speak out about the raid in which his family’s devices were also confiscated.

Bagherinia, an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology, was dismissed from his university role due to his vocal opposition to the government’s violent crackdown on protesters during the 2022 uprising in Iran in which over 500 Iranians were killed.

Undeterred by his dismissal, he continued to publicly criticize the authoritarian policies and the leadership of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In a video made prior to his arrest, Bagherinia criticized what he called “illegal actions” during his dismissal. He stated, “The Islamic Republic thinks it can maintain its rule by arresting and detaining people, but Mr. Khamenei… this era of yours will also pass. Long live Iran. Woman, life, freedom.”

Despite the efforts to silence him, no formal charges have been brought against Bagherinia and his current whereabouts remain undisclosed. His arrest has sparked outrage among the academic community, with 100 academics from across Iran condemning his dismissal and the continued governmental policy of purging universities of critics, a practice that has intensified since the presidency of Ebrahim Raisi began.

Source » iranintl