Provinces in Iran are in food crisis while government is financing foreign terrorist

Poverty is now apparent in the form of a food crisis in many of Iran’s provinces.

In a country with such massive reserves of oil and gas, the phenomenon of “poverty” must be directly correlated with “social inequality”; social inequality can be found in all areas of life, be it “social opportunities, work, education, culture, economy, or nutrition”.

Iran’s current food crisis, which the public media deliberately refer to as “food security”, has worsened so considerably that the regime’s officials have had to announce “danger alarm” for four provinces.

On 27th May 2018, a government-owned newsagency known as ILNA, addressed the ongoing increase in poverty and quoted a statement from a parliamentarian, in this regard: “the ‘food security’ in four of our provinces is on the verge of a crisis; Sistan and Baluchestan ranks the first, and is followed by Hormozgan, Bushehr, and Southern Khorasan, respectively”.

The crisis is also reflected in some of the challenges that the weaker class is facing; such as, nutrition deficiency, high disease rates of children and elderly, and extreme height or weight reductions of children.

Malnutrition is so widespread in Iran that people are reportedly turning to domestic animals like “cat-meat”, for food.

ISNA, another newsagency owned by the regime, unravelled this painful truth on 26th May 2018: “What you see on this plate is the food of a family; what do you think it consists of?! of cat’s meat! this family and dozens of other households who reside in this severely disadvantaged village named Zabol (located in Sistan & Baluchestan), are seriously struggling to survive; they’re so hungry that they’d even take a bite of a dead crow, if they have to”.

Whilst people are living in such inhumane conditions and struggling with their ever-growing problems, the regime is spending hundreds of billions of dollars of the country’s wealth, on supporting Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism, and malicious nuclear activities.

Source » ncr-iran

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