The long-suffering people of Iran have been making calls for regime change. They have been calling the regime out for its mismanagement and corruption. They have made it very clear that they do not support the regime’s interventions across the region. They want it to be known that they are horrified that the regime is spreading chaos across the Middle East.

Millions of Iranians have been directly impacted by the credit organisations that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is in control of. Millions have lost their entire life savings. They are also becoming increasingly outspoken about their situation on social media and through messaging apps. Gone are the days when the regime can limit what goes to press.

Furthermore, the people are strongly supported by many people outside the country. The main opposition, the National council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has support from people across the world, including activists, members of parliament, members of Congress, and so on. As well as being a source of organisation and support to the people of Iran, the opposition ensures that the realities of life in Iran are not kept hidden.

The regime is responsible for the major economic crisis that has resulted in the rial, the country’s national currency, losing so much of its value. The regime’s mismanagement has seen prices of goods rise massively, taking even the most basic of essentials out of the reach of a significant portion of the population.

Adding further pressure to the regime are a number of environmental issues that the regime simply cannot manage. Lakes are drying up because of the regime’s ill-advised policies. Deforestation is having a devastating effect, including the most recent flooding which affected millions of people the whole way across the country. Air pollution is a serious problem that is affecting the health of many. The regime cannot address these problems, not just because it does not have the means and the resources, but also because it does not have the will.

During the recent Arab Summit that took place in the holy city of Mecca, regional leaders vowed to work towards putting an end to the regime’s terror activities.

As a result of the regime losing its oil revenues, its militias and proxy groups have not received the funding they have become accustomed to, curbing their activities. This includes the Lebanese Hezbollah – arguably Iran’s most valued group of henchmen.

The unemployment situation is a major source of misery for the people and millions of people who do happen to be in employment have not received their wages for months.
These include government employees, retired people and teachers. Young people cannot find employment. The people want a brighter future and they know it is only possible once the regime has fallen.

The regime cannot keep its grip on power for much longer. Collapse is inevitable, especially with the major uprising that is looming. The people will be the force behind regime change but all these other pressures will push the regime further towards the edge.

Source » ncr-iran