Increasing heat in the province of Sistan and Baluchistan (southeastern Iran) has intensified water and electricity shortage.

Aleem Yarmohammadi member of the regime’s parliament has confessed to regime’s authorities disregard to provide water and electricity to the residents of that province.

Referring to the rise of temperature to 56 degrees Centigrade, low-voltage electricity and water shortages in the province, on June 3rd. He said: “Unfortunately, provincial and national managers have no interest in the marginal cities of the Country, and these people are only remembered, during casting vote time”.Aleem Yarmohammadi said in an interview with Mizan the News Agency of the judiciary.

He further added, electrical network infrastructure and substations in the province do have problems, so, the power is delivered with weak voltage to people’s houses. He stressed that “in the cities of the province, power supply voltage reaches homes with less than 110 volts. Therefore, homes do have lighting brightness problems. Refrigerators and cooling fans would not work with this voltage”.

Regarding shortage of water in Sistan-Baluchistan he also stated: “Every two days, if the water tanker does not break down, 15 liters of water will be delivered to people. they do not have running water and sanitation”. He also admitted that no ambulance or special health care services have been added in the province. People’s livestock and poultry are unfortunately dying of this heat.

in the southern part of Sistan and Baluchistan heat has been unprecedented and in some cities, temperature was recorded at 56 degrees Celsius

Source » ncr-iran