The Iranian regime has been put under massive pressure by the United States. President Trump and his administration have been taking measures to curb the regime’s belligerence and it is pursuing a maximum pressure campaign.

A number of economic sanctions are in place, but the biggest economic pressure comes from the sanctions that prevent foreign countries from buying Iranian oil. This is depriving the regime of its biggest source of revenue that it used to plunder on terrorist militias and proxy groups and malign activities across the region.

It has also been under immense pressure from the people of Iran. The people have been clear on their intentions of seeing the regime collapse and have made it understood that they will not tolerate the regime’s mismanagement, corruption and disregard of the most basic of human rights.

The regime’s reaction to pressure is always to crackdown further on dissent and the same is happening right now. Civil liberties are being supressed even further and the regime is attempting to put a lid on dissent.

However, this is the most ineffective reaction that the regime could have because the resilient people of Iran will not be silenced by this torturous and callous regime. And, now more than ever, the people are going to increase and intensify their calls for regime change as the regime continues to use the most barbaric methods to beat them into submission.

Reports from the country indicate that hundreds of people were forced to sign pledges not to eat in public during the Ramadan period. Kermanshah Police’s Social Deputy said that hundreds have been arrested for eating in public and around 170 were prosecuted.

In the Isfahan area, the security police confirmed that more than 300 food stores had been shut down for selling food during the Ramadan period.

In the Khuzestan province, suppressive forces have been continuing to target young people attending private parties. During one raid, dozens of young men and women were arrested by the agents. Several of them were sentenced to lashings. At the beginning of March, the state-run media reported that a raid was carried out on a party in Ahvaz, resulting in the so-called “morality police” arresting 30 young people.

Social media is also being targeted by suppressive forces. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are seen as a huge threat to the regime because it is one way of the people of Iran to tell their truth and to portray life as it is. Regime officials have also spoken about the western influences that are making their way into Iranian life and how it goes against the country’s values. This is how it justifies closing accounts and blocking pages.

In a northern town, a state-run news outlet reported that three dozen men and women were arrested for their “unsuitable attire”. They were attending a yoga class and an official commented that the people were partaking in what he described as “abnormal behavior”.

Source » ncr-iran