According to reports collected in the month of May, there were 262 Iran protests in 79 cities, villages and industrial regions with an average of eight protests per day.


Workers staged 74 protests in the month of May in 35 cities, commercial areas and industrial towns with an average of two protests per day. The gatherings were mostly in protest to delayed paychecks, lack of job security, dismissal of workers and the non-renewal of their contracts.


Depositors of various regime-affiliated credit institutes held 21 protests in two cities in Iran in the month of May. The protesters were demanding their stolen money from the Revolutionary Guards-affiliated Caspian Institution in Tehran and Mashhad, the Badr Tous Institution in Mashhad, Shandiz Padideh Institution in Mashhad, Saipa Auto in Tehran and the Ramak Auto in Tehran.


In May, retirees including government workers and teachers held three protests.


Teachers held 44 protests in 40 cities in May including:

Teachers’ gatherings in various cities for Iran’s Teacher Day
Gathering in the western towns of Saqez and Marivan in support of jailed teachers
Gathering in the city of Qom
Gathering in the northwestern town of Ardebil in protest to education conditions


Students held 16 protests in seven cities in May, the most significant of which were:

– Gathering at Tehran’s Allameh Tabatabai University in protest to a ceremony for the Citizenship Rights Award

– Gathering at Tehran’s Social Sciences University in protest to the arrest of Marzieh Miri, a student at the university and journalist for Sharq Daily

– Gathering by oral health students outside Iran’s Majlis in protest to their lack of job prospects

– Gathering at Kurdistan University in protest to a university ban

– Gathering at the Persian Gulf University in Bushehr, Tehran University and Kashan University in protest to the compulsory hijab and dress code

– Gathering at Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran in protest to the suppression of civil liberties


Farmers held seven gatherings in seven cities in protest to their work conditions and lack of water.

Other sectors

Other sectors, including bakers, the family of detained labor activists, contractors and drivers, held 61 protests in 29 cities in the month of May.
Hunger strikes in prison

There were 29 cases of hunger strikes by prisoners in the month of May. They were protesting their undetermined legal cases, arbitrary detention and not having access to fair trials.

Source » irannewswire