The strange growth of Pasargad Bank’s capital and value in the past five years; one of the most vague miracles of our banking system. Within 5 years, the value of this bank has risen from 350 to more than 6 thousand billion USD, nearly 20 times its size, becoming the largest bank in the country. While many of the projects that the Pasargad Bank has invested in, including the Middle East mining industry, are still in the process of construction and are not yet in operation and will be produced for the next three years. This strange and vague growth, while the bank only has 14 thousand billion USD, has a population of about 2 thousand billion USD as a legal deposit with the Central Bank, but how Pasargada has been able to make public banks of the sixty-seventies with hundreds of thousands of USD Assets and private banks with a more diverse and more profitable portfolio; and within a day, only 1540 billion USD from the market, and collecting 350 billion tomans from the OTC market in the adoption of the Middle East Mining Industry, will collect from the uncertainties of Iran’s banking industry Is. In this unprecedented growth, some shareholders of the Pasargad Bank have pocketed tens of billions of dollars in five years. The nominee and nominee are Nick Lal Fard; both are shareholders of the Pasargad Bank, which at the time of the establishment of the bank; with less than one billion shareholders holding a one percent stake in the Pasargad Bank, each of which now holds more than 60 billion USD. In the next section, we will add some other billionaires who have been billionaires in the Ahmadinejad government.

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