Ahmad Tavakoli, a parliamentarian, on Tuesday, December 17 accused the minister of industry, mining, and commerce of making “discriminatory” decisions for the benefit of a particular businessman and providing an opportunity for “rent-seeking”.

The Mehr News Agency has published a report by Mr. Tavakoli on behalf of the Islamic Consultative Parliament, which claims that the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, in recent months, has given a special exchange rate specialist, who earned a profit of about 45 billion USD Has brought.

According to the report, the Iranian businessman was able to pay 80 million euros from Turkey’s Halk Bank for import of livestock products under the conditions of Iran’s sanctions, while other importers of goods have to pay only through the sanctions imposed on Iran’s banks. China and intermediary exchanges exchange currency, which costs between 9% and 13%.

According to Mr. Tavakoli, Turkish currency payment by Halk is only 2 percent, while it will be done within 2 days, while China’s currency transfer from China takes between 25 days to several months, bringing about $ 25,000 a day for importers of goods They will be damaged because they will not be able to empty the ship until the transfer of the currency.

The MP then claims that the Iranian government, according to the procedure, uses the currency of the Halk Bank to import drugs only, and that a particular businessman is entitled to such a “rent-seeking” rate.

The West’s sanctions against Iran have created serious disturbances in the process of trade between them and the outside world, so that Iranian banks do not have the ability to transfer currency. This has even led Iran to fail to obtain assets from its oil sales.

Meanwhile, Halk Bank of Turkey is known as one of the Iranian currency brokers, at least in one case in India, has been able to pay Iran’s oil money through the bank.

But the charges against Ahmad Tavakoli are not limited to the same thing, but he says the businessman also signed an agreement on the order of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade with the Central Bank and the Pasargad Bank to sell the central bank with 650 million euros worth of currency. Specific Terms Commits.

According to Mr. Tavakoli, the merchant, according to the memorandum, “can clear the cargo of his cargo carrying cargo, without buying the currency from the central bank; he will buy 150 million euros four months later [from the central bank] and issue it.” , He paid € 250 million five months later, and € 250 million six months later … and thus he bought and bought the currency after several months, a privilege not given to any private and public importer. ”

The MP then discloses that all communications from government officials on this memorandum, including the request by the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, ordered the acting first vice president, the head of the central bank and the signing of a memorandum within three days, that “such a miracle only In Mahafarid Khosravi’s case, the main accused is a triple gamer bill of executions. ”

He finally emphasizes that such an agreement between the merchant, “who now gains a large share of the market for these products, turns into a dominant monopoly, which, in addition to the violation of other provisions of the law, in terms of economics It will also reduce efficiency and increase rent-seeking and lead to more people’s losses. ”

Hasan Rouhani’s government has not responded to Ahmad Tavakoli’s report.

Source » arabicradiofarda