Ahmad Tavakoli announced a $ 650 million foreign exchange deal last month to an importer. This was so much news that the president eventually took on the position and declared that no one could tarnish the cleaned state.
According to Ana News Agency, during a visit to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, the president pointed out the problems that have arisen along the way wheat importers and some noise for the unloading of wheat wheat, one said that in this regard Rents were made and, unfortunately, the mass media, although not deliberate, were little known. ”

The issue of the possible rents given to the company has long been taken by the Court of Accounts, but the head of the Central Bank criticized the move, which has been the subject of the Competition Council’s mandate.

This led to a more serious look at the company mentioned in the letters sent by Ahmed Tavakoli, the Chief of the Central Bank, the Accounting Chamber and the President’s commentary. Meanwhile, some critics claimed to have had a close family relationship with some of the government’s “sepide-tight Asia” officials.

Anne’s economic correspondent, by looking at the records of the company, gained information about its field of activity, but apparently there was no common name with high-ranking government officials. On September 6, 2013, the announcement of changes to the Sepid Trading Company of Asia has been published in the Official Gazette with the registration number 327603 and the National ID 10103660012.

Based on this advertisement, on the basis of the meeting of the Annual General Meeting of the General Assembly on July 31, 1392, Ms. Star of the Office assigned the National Code 3255855306 to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ms. Efat Arasani, to the National Code 3256017118 to the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. “Behrooz Aladdin” has been assigned to the 4899660189 national code for CEO and board member for two years.

Also, the Pasargad Aharar Audit Institute was selected as National Inspector of 10103315131 original inspector and “Mohammad Taqi Valivari” under number 2960081792 for one year as Ali Al-Badl Inspector.

The announcement states that “the balance sheet and profit and loss account for the fiscal year ending in 91” were approved, indicating that Sepid Firm Asia has been operating since the year 92.

The office of this company is located in Gheteriyeh district of Tehran, and its field of activity is “Import and export of all authorized merchandise”.

According to the website Iran Code, the company has been established since a year ago (1391) and is working on food imports this year (1392).

The products imported by the company are wheat, chicken, veal, common animal feed meal, common animal feed corn, common animal feed barley, common wheat animal feed, special vegetable oil and raw sugar.

The company imports its products to Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Brazil.

Source » sadranews.ir