The Iranian government has announced a new directive mandating Islamic dress codes for hospital patients and medical workers.

Majid Mohammadian, the head of the Hijab and Chastity Secretariat at the Ministry of Health, unveiled the directive on Thursday, requiring it be implemented in both public and private health institutions nationwide.

According to Mohammadian, “several new standard models of clothing have been designed, produced, including surgical gowns, underwear, trousers for colonoscopy, transvaginal ultrasound, breast ultrasound, mammography, special breastfeeding dresses, veils, and other garments.”

He said that the new rules are intended to ensure patients’ attire is in compliance with Islamic principles during medical procedures and diagnostic examinations.

The announcement comes amid escalating enforcement of hijab regulations under Project Nour, the clerical ruler’s campaign to ensure adherence to hijab laws, which has led to increased physical confrontations and crackdowns on Iranian women.

The government’s persistent push to enforce the mandatory hijab has reignited widespread condemnation both within Iran and internationally. Human rights organizations, student groups, and activists have vehemently opposed the measures, arguing that they represent infringements on basic freedoms and human rights.

As Iran waits for the official approval of the controversial hijab bill, titled “Protection of Family Through Promotion of Hijab and Chastity Culture”, the government has already begun to enforce the new regime. The new regulations threaten women with arrest and impose harsh punishments such as travel bans for non-compliance with hijab mandates.

Source » iranintl