The United States has made it clear that it will not be relenting in its maximum pressure campaign on the Iranian Regime any time soon. President Donald Trump and his administration have warned the Iranian regime on a number of occasions that its threats and belligerence will not be tolerated and that sanctions and pressure will continue.

Furthermore, after the summits in the holy city of Mecca between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, it became clear that this part of the world will not tolerate Iran’s belligerence any longer. The leaders condemned Iran’s spread of instability across the region and called it out for its meddling.

The Iranian regime’s interference in the affairs of other countries goes back a long time. The previous U.S. administration under former president Barack Obama failed to address Iran’s destabilising activities and was unable to curtail its belligerence, despite numerous concessions. The nuclear deal that Obama was confident would change Iran’s behaviour only made the regime even bolder.

At the beginning of May, there were real concerns that there would be military conflict between the United States and Iran. Tensions eventually calmed, but the Iranian regime is still defiant. But the mounting pressure is backing the regime into a corner that it cannot get out of.

European leaders are gradually starting to condemn the Iranian regime with a little more force than before. However, the most significant pressure is that which is coming from inside the country.

The people of Iran have been bold in their calls for regime change. They have shown their determination to have a mullah-free future where they will finally be able to enjoy freedom, human rights and democracy.

After an intense year of protests in 2018 in Iran, supporters of the Iranian Resistance outside Iran will be taking part in mass demonstrations across the world. Already there will be major gatherings during June and July in Brussels, Washington D.C., Berlin and London.

The Iranian regime has nowhere else to turn and it is losing options quickly. Military conflict with the United States would be choosing suicide, so the regime may decide to go back to the negotiating table. This would be a highly reluctant move considering that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already said that this is not an option.

However the situation pans out, the Iranian regime will not survive much longer. The people will see to this, with the help of the opposition to the Iranian regime, and with the help of supporters all across the world. It is now just up to the leaders of the international community to do their bit and make sure the regime is held accountable for its actions.

Source » ncr-iran