After Iraqi militia affiliated with the Iranian regime, took over the road Tal -Safouf in Ninawa province on the border with Syria, Free Syrian Tribes and nomads demanded Arabic countries, friends and active forces to confront the Iranian regime occupation project in gaining more Syrian territory.

In a statement issued on June 5th, 2017 this council asked, all Syrian tribes and nomads to absolutely reject the arrival of Iran regime’s proxy and any other militia under their support into Syria. The statement says: There is no difference between them and ISIS… all of them are killing the Syrian people and destroying this country.

According to reports, Iraqi militants have crossed the Tal-Safouf pass in Ninawa province, and have occupied several villages in Haskeh province in Syria.

Syrian opposition broadcasting the ‘Orient TV’, reported on June 5, 2017 quoting Syrian activists, that foreign militants on top of them, Iraqi militants and Lebanese Hezbollah affiliated to the Iranian regime, have massacred some families in Haskeh city since ISIL retreated from East Aleppo. Open street executions consist of nearly 21 family, that more than 50 civilians are executed, including women, children and the elderlies. Militants have as well as arrested dozens of residents who were remained in the city.

Source » ncr-iran