After 18 days of cease fire with Hamas, Israellevelled serious allegations against Iran on Monday. Hamas is getting over 50% budgets, supplies, weapons and other support from Iran, an Israel foreign ministry official said.

Nevo Barchad, the Head of Regional Security and Counter-Terrorism Department at the Strategic Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, stated it while interacting with Indian media virtually on Monday.

Barchad shed light on Hamas military build-up, budget, its ties with Iranian regime, Hezbollah, global Jihad elements and also on violations of the international humanitarian law.

“As we understand and it’s our assessment that the main source of budget, military supply, weaponry and support is from Iran. Some funding is also being made from EU countries through NGOs. We are in talks with those EU countries to stop the channels,” said Barchad.

He also said there are inputs about Hamas getting help from Mauritius but not from China. The official said that as far role of India is concerned, it has declared the violence to be wrong.

Israel expressed hope that cease fire agreed upon on 12th day of the conflict will continue. At the same, it said it will not tolerate attacks on its citizens.

No Jew entered Temple Mount

Barchad denied the allegation of Hamas that Jews tried to enter Temple Mount and pray there. It’s their excuse of firing rockets on Israel. This is totally false. Hamas fired 6 rockets on capital city of Jerusalem. “Subsequently, it fired over 400 rockets on other cities including Tel Aviv. Israel had no option but to retaliate and save its citizens,” he added. Hamas has violated international laws by firing rockets human settlement.

Source » freepressjournal