A group of Iranian dissidents, known as “GhyamSarnegouni” (“Rise to Overthrow” in Farsi), breached the regime’s presidency servers, gaining access to classified documents and internal messages.

This letter, dated March 13, 2023, reveals Tehran’s covert expansion of its nuclear weapons program despite its public denials.

The letter discusses the allocation of over a million square meters of land in Qom to expand the Martyr Alimohammadi Enrichment Complex, otherwise known as the Fordow enrichment complex. The secret facility, initially exposed by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has a notorious history of being used for covert nuclear projects.

On May 29, the dissident group exposed a “top secret” letter issued by the legal deputy of President Ebrahim Raisi, addressed to the Vice President of Development of Management and Resources of the Atomic Energy Organization.

The revealed letter urges the Atomic Energy Organization to prepare the necessary documentation for the project and secure the area required for the expansion. It also calls for confirmation of the location from the country’s property and documents registration organization.

The Iranian regime views nuclear weapons acquisition as an insurance policy against its downfall, believing it will enable regional dominance, foreign concessions, and acceptance of its oppressive rule. Despite claiming peaceful intentions for its nuclear activities, the regime’s secrecy and economic impracticality raise skepticism.

The Iranian regime concealed its nuclear activities for nearly two decades until the Iranian Resistance uncovered the details. The Natanz uranium enrichment site and the Arak heavy water facility were revealed by the Washington Office of the NCRI in 2002, surprising the international community.

The leaked documents echo the Iranian Resistance’s long-standing warnings about the regime’s secret advancement of its nuclear weapons program. This comes amidst Tehran’s dismissal of sanctions and continued investment in its terror network.

On May 31, in a Washington DC press conference, the NCRI Office in the US disclosed Tehran’s efforts to undermine international sanctions using front companies in the petrochemical sector. It called for Western nations to take a firmer stance against the Iranian regime and uphold all six U.N. Security Council resolutions in support of the Iranian people’s aspirations for a democratic future.

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