An Iraqi official confirmed on Tuesday that the Iraqi border forces embarked on a security plan to close illegal smuggling routes in areas in eastern Diyala governorate near the borders with Iran.

The mayor of the town of Qazaniyah in Diyala governorate, Mazen Akram Al-Khuzai, said that the Iraqi border guards continue to close more than 20 smuggling passages or routes on the borders with Iran, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported.

Al-Khuzai confirmed that around 20 smuggling routes are distributed in Qazaniya town, 115 kilometers east of the city of Baquba, and in the town of Mandali, in Diyala governorate, east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

Qazaniyah’s mayor indicated that some of these routes are used for smuggling livestock and drugs.

The Iraqi official also pointed out that the smuggling routes are spread out for around 40 kilometers along the border strip with Iran between the towns of Mandali and Qazaniyah.

Al-Khuzai clarified that the closure plan included the installation of barbed wire, the construction of watchtowers, and monitoring the spaces between border guard checkpoints to stop smuggling operations.

The Iraqi government launched a comprehensive plan to tackle and end smuggling operations through the borders with Iran. The plan includes several security measures in addition to coordination with the Iranian side.

Source » iraqinews