The mullahs’ inhuman regime, in fear of spreading popular uprisings and protests and the growing role of women in these protests, has imposed more repressive measures against noble women under the mullahs-made pretexts such as mal-veiling.

Revolutionary Guard Mohammad Abdullah Poor, head of the Guilan IRGC, announced a new suppressive action in the formation of “2000 Verbal and Practical Reminder Group” in the province. He said, “The issue of chastity and veil is not a normal issue, but a political and security issue for the country.” (Quds Force Tasnim News Agency). These statements exposes clearly the regime’s leaders fear of the role of women in social protests.

On the other hand, Mohammad Reza Eshaghi, commander of the suppressive police force in Guilan, also reported “dealing with 28,328 women” accused of mal-veiling during this year in the province and said: “2,321 of these people have been guided to moral security … and for 64 people judicial cases have been filed,”.

The Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran calls on the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Human Rights Council, and all defenders of women’s rights to condemn the repressive policies of the clerical regime and support Iranian women who fight for freedom and equality.

Source » ncr-iran