A retired teacher was detained on June 6 for protesting to a cleric’s election propaganda at his cousin’s funeral in Germi County, northwestern Iran.

According to the Human Rights News Agency, the man was identified as Issa Khabiri. Issa protested when a cleric stated at his cousin’s funeral that all should participate in the upcoming presidential elections. He was transferred to the city’s prison.

There has been an increase in arrests and threats by security forces, judiciary, and other regime officials in the past weeks, due to the upcoming presidential elections.

On June 1, the Chief Justice of Kurdistan said in a meeting that anyone who crossed the regimes “red line” in cyberspace regarding the upcoming elections would be severely dealt with.

On June 8, a man was arrested for posting “tension-causing” content on his Instagram account about the upcoming presidential elections in West Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran.

On May 23, a Kurd journalist was detained in the western province of Ilam for writing a piece that was critical of Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s current Chief Justice and presidential candidate.

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