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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani gave an inflammatory speech at a cabinet meeting, according to Fars News Agency in Tehran. Referencing the police killing of George Floyd in the US. He claimed that America has had a “knee” to the throat of Iran for years and that Iran has broken its will. “Our dear nation broke this knee by breaking their unity and now they no longer have the knee to put pressure on the Iranian nation.”

It was not clear which “unity” he meant: whether he meant that internally the US was divided or that Western unity was broken. Rouhani said the US has been trying to defeat Iran for decades and that Iran has outwitted it. He referenced pressure going back to 1997 and other eras.

He says the last four months have shown extreme pressure on Iran but that Tehran has survived. Rouhani discussed the COVID-19 crisis which struck Iran in February and has led to thousands of deaths and more than 100,000 recorded cases. Iran likely has had more deaths than it admits. “Thank God, we have redoubled efforts in this situation and created suitable conditions for the people,” he said.

He warned that the virus crisis was not over and that with the summer, it was unclear if there will be a reduction in its spread. Nevertheless, Iran has re-opened.

The Iranian leader said that Iran was investing in the Health Ministry but then touched on US sanctions. He claimed revenues have dropped by $50 billion compared to last year’s budget. But Iran was making up for problems using innovative online technologies. He also wants to reduce rent and housing prices.

It was the Americans he lashed out at most harshly. “The US government has been discredited and has become discredited.” He said in the fight against the virus, the US performed worst among world nations and that it doesn’t have the necessary managers at the top to even run Washington. “They brought the knee to the throat of the nation, but our dear nation broke this knee by breaking their unity.”

Iran’s media has been pushing support for the protests in the US against racism. Tehran suppresses and kills protesters but supports them abroad to undermine adversaries.

Now the US is conspiring again, Rouhani claimed. “Our expectation is that the UN Security Council will stand up to the US conspiracy,” predicting that Russia and China would stand by Iran.

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