5 Iranians and 4 children commit suicide in 10 days from poverty

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Martyrs Foundation

Martyrs Foundation

Only 11 days into June, at least nine people, including four children have committed suicide across Iran from poverty and financial problems.

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Oil worker commits suicide in southwestern Iran

On June 10, an oil worker in Hoveyzeh, southwestern Iran hanged himself from an oil well at the Hoveyzeh Oil Company. The worker had not received two months of his wages from his contractor at the Nazm Afarinan Institute. State-run media reported that Omran Roshani Moghadam passed away. He was 33 years old.

Workers at the Institute said that their wages do not provide even a week of their needs. According to one of the workers, Roshani had called the Institute telling them that he did not have any money and could not provide for his wife and child. He told them that he could not even afford food.

“He decided to commit suicide at the F19 oil well because he was told he would not be paid his wages,” the worker told state-run media.

Workers said that in the past few months, the contractor from the Nazm Afarinan Institute asked them to sign a new contract that violated their rights and made it easy for them to fire workers.

“We refused to sign it, but things got hard and no one supported us workers… and we were forced to sign it,” a worker said.

Oil Co. security guard commits unsuccessful suicide

A video being circulated on social media channels showed a security guard who tried to hang himself at an oil well at the Omidiyeh Oil Company in southwestern Iran. Local sources said that he had not received his wages. Fortunately, he was saved in time by his friends who cut the rope and brought him down. The June 10 video showed the man unconscious on the ground surrounded by his friends and co-workers.

War veteran self-immolates in western Iran

An Iranian war veteran self-immolated on the morning of June 8 for not getting his requested loan from the Foundation of Martyrs & Veterans Affairs in Kermanshah, western Iran. He burned himself outside of the Foundation.

Local media identified the man as Jahangir Azadi Miankouhi. He was in critical condition with 88% surface area burns in Khomeini Hospital in Kermanshah and passed away at night.

Tehran airport worker jumps to his death

State-run media reported that a worker at Tehran’s Khomeini Airport jumped off the second floor of the airport on June 9, killing himself. The report said that the worker jumped off the building at 4:15 am because he was fired from his job.

11-year-old boy commits suicide in western Iran

Local media in Kermanshah reported the suicide of an 11-year old child worker in western Iran. An exact date of the incident was not given but the report said that Armin committed suicide in the “past few days”.

A welfare official in Kermanshah said that Armin’s mother had died of cancer and his father was an addict.

“His little sister was under the care of the Welfare Organization when his mother died of cancer. The Welfare Organization then returned his sister to their home under the excuse that their mother had died. Before the (Persian) New Year, when his grandmother took him along to beg, the Organization took him in,” Jafar Daneshparvar said.

Daneshparvar said that the Welfare Organization said that they could not continue to take care of Armin because of their “gypsy” lifestyle.

“After his mother’s death, social workers went to Armin’s house with food and said that they did not even own spoons, let alone means for cooking,” he added.

The Welfare official said that Armin committed suicide due to “constant hunger and hard work”.

According to his sister, Armin took several unidentified pills and was taken to the hospital, where he died.

His body was not given to his family because his birth certificate is being held due to unpaid debts from his mother’s hospital treatment. The hospital later told his family that they had lost his birth certificate.

17-year-old girl commits suicide in western Iran

On June 9, a 17-year-old girl committed suicide and died in a medical center in Saqqez, western Iran.

Local sources said that Negin Karami committed suicide due to “family problems”.

The state-run ROKNA news agency also reported today that a teenage girl committed suicide due to poverty in Saqqez. The news agency did not identify the girl and said that their reporter was looking into the incident. It is not clear whether ROKNA is referring to a new case or that of Negin Karami.

Two teenagers commit suicide in western Iran

On June 3, two teenagers committed suicide in two different incidents in the western city of Saqqez, a Kurdish human rights organization reported.

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Hassanpour ended his life by hanging himself. His family said they did not know why he committed suicide.

Ala Anbari also hanged herself and passed away. The reason behind the suicide has not been reported.

41-year-old woman commits unsuccessful suicide in Tehran metro station

The ILNA state-run News Agency said that a 41-year old woman tried to commit suicide at around 8.40 am, on June 6 at a Tehran metro station. She did not succeed and was taken to the hospital.

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