Eid al-Fitr has ended in Iran in the midst of an increasingly desperate political and economic atmosphere. In the meantime, millions of Iranians keep complaining about the oppressive policies of the Islamist regime. President Hassan Rouhani, on the other hand, complained about the fact that Iran is being crushed by the high cost of austerities in the face of what he described as “enemies,” without revealing the identity of those enemies.

The Iranian opposition Reza Parchizadeh pointed out that the standard of living of the majority of the population in Iran, comprising 81 million people, has declined to the lowest point in four decades. According to him, “As Eid al-Fitr approaches, the living conditions for average Iranians are tragically below minimum standard. The prices of some of the most basic items like bread, rice, meat and fruit have quadrupled, and in some places these items have become extinct.” Parchizadeh continued, “In general, people in Iran are going through a very difficult time, unprecedented since the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s.”

On the main reason behind Iran’s domestic economic and political deterioration, the Iranian scholar who has lived in the United States for several years said that “it is the Islamist regime’s totalitarian, terroristic and interventionist behavior” that has ruled Iran since 1979.

The Iranian opposition said to Al-Ain that “the regime opposes democracy at home, terrorizes dissidents and opponents both in Iran and abroad, and exports revolution to the countries of the region. The combination of these terrible behaviors have led to the deterioration of politics and economy in Iran,” which has huge oil reserves.

Parchizadeh, who supports the US sanctions imposed on the regime in Tehran, pointed out that the theocratic regime of the mullahs opposes the establishment of democracy at home. He called for international intervention for a regime change and establishing of democracy in Iran. According to him, “Only a regime change can save the people of Iran from continuous deterioration and eventual demise. The Islamist regime holds the people of Iran as hostages. In order for the people to become liberated, the world community headed by the United States should make every effort to change the regime and establish democracy in Iran.”

Regarding when he thinks the regime in Iran is going to fall, the Iranian opposition Reza Parchizadeh told Al-Ain that “The Islamist regime in Iran is bound to go. Due to its aggressive and uncompromising nature, it is a system that does not belong to the modern world of toleration, peace and prosperity. As such, its eventual collapse is inevitable. When exactly the Islamist regime in Iran will collapse, however, is yet to be seen.”

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