Iran is attempting to change the structure of its sectarian militias in Syria and establish them as a legalized force, as Russia carried out such a scenario a year ago with its 5th Division, said Syrian National Coalition member Yasser Farhan.

“Iran is on the verge of continuing its influence in Syria, and to cloak the Revolutionary Guards and sectarian fighters it is seeking to establish the Syrian Hashid al-Shabi,” he said.

Iran’s objective is to maintain the Tehran-Damascus link through Baghdad, and then to the Mediterranean Sea, Farhan explained.

Activists say the Hashid al-Shabi militants are formed of a number of pro-Assad groups, and similar to the Iraqi Hashid al-Shabi they will be formed under a decision from Iran. Ali Hawas Khalif, known for his pro-Iran mentality, has already been appointed commander of this force.

Khalif has issued a general mercy for those who defected the Assad army, on the condition they join the Hashid al-Shabi.

Source » ncr-iran