Khamenei’s threat of Uranium enrichment

Following the recent claims made by the supreme leader of Iran’s regime, Ali Khamenei, government officials have shown off a superficial strength by declaring initiatives in resuming the enrichment of uranium; which sounds nothing more than just an empty threat.

To enrich uranium or to commit to the “defective nuclear deal”

As acknowledged by Khamenei himself, the regime is currently stuck in a “defective nuclear deal” (i.e., the pre-existing nuclear deal excluding the United States) accompanied by sanctions that are only getting more serious by the day; he comments on this obvious stranglehold on the regime: “It seems that some European governments expect Iran to not just cease its nuclear activities but to also put up with the ongoing sanctions and restrictions”.

He adds: “To reach the target 190K SWU, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization is to make the necessary preparations immediately and within the frameworks of the current nuclear deal; other arrangements ordered by the president, are to be commenced from tomorrow too”.

With this ploy, comes heavy consequences for the regime; such as an exacerbation of its isolation and an increase in its sanctions.

Since the announcement of the “defective nuclear deal”, many international business companies and institutions either have already quitted or are deciding to quit trading with Iran’s regime.

How European countries responded to Khamenei’s threats of uranium enrichment

According to the news reports of France, European countries have warned that an inevitable increase in tension will be following Iran’s recent decision.

After Iran declared its plans of increasing nuclear capacity, the president of France warned of upcoming “increase in tension” as well as a dead-end to the nuclear agreement.

The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, also commented in this regard: “Iran’s regime must never be allowed an access to nuclear weapons”.

Maja Kocijančič, the spokeswoman of Federica Mogherini (the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy), stated on Tuesday: “Iran’s recent declaration of uranium enrichment especially at a such a critical time, certainly does not help with building confidence in the nature of its nuclear programme”.

Based on the mentioned circumstances, it can be inferred that the claims and threats made by Ali Khamenei are not just empty at their cores but will also backfire against the regime, by restraining it more and more with the same “defective nuclear deal” that it’s suck with!

Source » ncr-iran

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