The political prisoner, Khaled Hardani has gone on hunger strike to protest against the inhuman pressures exerted in the prison. In a letter, he writes, “I have suffered from oppressions in the past 17 years. I was banned from the visitations and calling my family. They prohibited my sick leave and forbade me to visit my mother’s grave or attend my daughter’s wedding. The oppression and severe constraints still exist.”

The political prisoner, Khaled Hardani added, “I, as a political prisoner, was deprived of all rights for more than 5049 days and I encountered numerous immoral and inhuman framings by the prison authorities.

I go on hunger strike from June 12 to achieve positive results. I also demand the urgent follow-ups on the case and the following issues:

Meeting the public prosecutor of Tehran to consider the case and to retain a legal and legitimate right, to create proper conditions in the detention center and to stop all inhuman and immoral pressures.

According to a widely-read paper, Rasoul Hardani, Shahram and Farhang Pourmansouri were sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment but now they are under the judicial oppression and have been serving for another year and a half. We have witnessed their imprisonment and therefore I urgently call for an urgent follow-up to their case. I have been deprived of all judicial rights including treatment, furlough, etc since I am held in the custody.

At the end, I think this is my last demand from the prison authorities and the Judiciary. I will not have any correspondence until the results confirm legality and authenticity. Khaled Hardani, June 12, 2017”

Source » ncr-iran